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Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Kiwi

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Kiwi Product rating

Our Review

The Clicgear 3.0 range has always been distinctive coming in a rainbow of different colours the kiwi coloured Clicgear Golf 3.0 cart is certainly one of the most notable models, but not only is its colour attractive, but it also comes with a number of improved features. The Clicgear 3.0 golf cart has built on the earlier designs of Clicgear trolleys that have won a number of design awards.

Key features include:

  • Weighs in at 9kgs
  • Updated smart action break leaver
  • 12 month warranty
  • Improved push down secure front wheel lock
  • Rapid fold down set up mechanism

A whole host of new user friendly features have been included after extensive research amongst users of their earlier models; the larger console and removable drinks holder are welcome additions. Not only has improved storage been added, but attention to the braking system has lead to a new easy action break leaver.  The handle has had a make over and now comes with an improved dura-grip for effective easy movement.

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Red

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Red Product rating

Our Review

The Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Red is a very stylish looking golf trolley suitable for all courses. It is sturdy yet lightweight and very practical. In fact it is the latest generation in Clicgear golf carts that will make carting your golf clubs to the next tee smooth and trouble-free.
Top features include:

  • Easy fold mechanism
  • Adjustable brackets for golf bag
  • Stylish light aluminium frame
  • Excellent front wheel lock
  • Easy brake lever
  • Storage net
  • Comfortable padded handle
  • 1 year guarantee

The Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Red makes a wonderful addition to your golf accessories. Not only is it superbly stylish but also extremely sturdy and practical. The adjustable brackets ensure your golf bag is held firmly and the brake lever keeps the golf cart secure. The unique folding mechanism makes the golf trolley easy to put up or pack away quickly and with ease. It is so compact it leaves plenty of room in the boot of your car for your golf clubs too. Excellent console has all the functions you would expect from such a branded golf trolley and the drinks holder is a welcome addition to this scuff and scratch resistant model.

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Black

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Black Product rating

Our Review

Clicgear have a habit of asking customer opinions and responding to them by tweaking, modifying and improving their products. The Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Black has been improved from previous versions but retains it sturdiness and timeless style.
Top features include:

  • Instantly folds up or down
  • Lightweight and sturdy at 19 lbs
  • Front wheel lock
  • Brake lever
  • 12 month warranty

The Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Black is a folding genius although it may take you a little practice to master as it folds differently from many golf trolleys. However, the pure class outweighs its pushcart competitors. The brake mechanism is a distinct improvement to previous models and the tyres are made from dense foam that does not allow too much mud and debris to attach itself from the course. So cleaning is definitely simpler and quicker. The Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Black is an excellent choice for a first push trolley experience and you will find its extra storage facilities for drinks, golf balls and other items very welcome. All these and a 12 month warranty too!

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Blue

Our Review

The Clicgear Blue 3.0 golf push cart is the latest success coming from this American manufacturer. Key to the success of this attractive looking golf trolley is its easy mobility push to move mechanics. Great attention has been paid to user reviews of earlier models to incorporate new user friendly improvements, these include a one click easy break lever modification as well as a new softer grip handle.  

Key features include:

  • Light; weigh under 9 kg
  • A full year warranty
  • Smooth action brake lever
  • Rapid fold unfold mechanism
  • Click to stop easy wheel lock

Clicgear golf trolleys have won a number of awards for their ergonomic and appealing designs, the Clicgear Golf 3.0 Blue is sure to be a real success with golfers around the world. They will appreciate its tough light weight design that also allows them to carry all the accessories they need around the golf course to complete their round in comfort.

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Silver

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Silver Product rating

Our Review

When Clicgear announced the release of the Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart it was eagerly anticipated after the success of earlier models, it comes in a choice of seven colours and the silver version looks particularly impressive. Launched in 2010 it now has many satisfied users, one of its most popular design characteristics is that it folds away into extremely compact dimensions that 13” by 15” by 24”, ideal for even the smallest car. Not only is this an improvement but once set up the mesh storage net and enlarged console mean that you should have no trouble carrying everything you may need for a round of golf.
Key features include:

  • Streamlined main hinge for easier opening and closing
  • Expanded console for greater storage capacity
  • Scuff and scratch resistant powder coating
  • 12 month warranty
  • Easy snap down front wheel lock

This Clicgear cart or trolley is sure to give you many years satisfactory service, it will make the days of lugging your golf bag around the golf course on your back a welcome distant memory.

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Orange

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Orange Product rating

Our Review

The Clicgear Cart won the Best New Product Award at a Merchandise Show in Florida in 2007, and the latest Golf 3.0 model is extremely compact and very easy to push around the course. It comes with removable beverage holder, larger console, easy action break lever, and better main hinge lever. It is also very easy to fold up and down, weighs only 18lbs, and comes with one-year warranty from the manufacturer. The dura-comfort handle grip material ensures that the cart will never slip out of the hands of the golfer and it folds down to 33cm x 38.1cm x 61cm.

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