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Longridge Tri Cart

Longridge Tri Cart Product rating

• 2 Stage Easy Fold Design
• 11" True Glide Ball Bearing Wheels
• Durable Nylon Bag Brackets
• Adjustable Handle Height
• Tough Durable Frame
• Weatherproof Scorecard Holder
• Soft Grip Handle
• Easy Push Design, Reduces Muscle Strain

Our Review

The Longridge Tri Cart measures 30 x 24 x 82 cm in dimensions and weighs only 5kg, which coupled with its easy push design and the latest cart wheel technology, makes it very easy to use on almost any terrain. It comes with soft handle with adjustable height and a unique design, which greatly reduces muscle strain. Its tough durable frame provides excellent stability, and the 11’’ true-glide ball bearing wheels and the strong nylon bag brackets make this cart ideal for many golfers. Weatherproof scorecard holder is available as well.

Golfers often look for qualitative, affordable and lightweight trolleys as they are convenient and fares well in terms of the cost-benefit analysis. Catering to such requirements many providers are coming forward with innovative ideas in trolley making. They are also using the latest technologies for manufacturing the trolleys so that their product stands out in the crowd. One such product is the Longridge Tri Cart trolley that boasts of a combination of the three qualities looked for by golfers all over the world.

Main Features
Main features of the Longridge Tri Cart trolley are as follows.

  • It is manufactured using 2 stage easy folding designs;
  • Contains eleven inch time glide ball bearing wheels;
  • Has installed durable nylon bag brackets;
  • Handle height is adjustable according to the requirements of the user;
  • The frame is tough and durable;
  • Scorecard holder is weather proof;
  • Handle grip is soft and gives a soothing feeling; and
  • There will be no muscle strains for the user as it moves through easy push.

Trolley Overview
Due to the two stages easy folding designs the Longridge Tri Cart trolley is highly portable and can be easily carried in the boot of small cars. The cart measures 30x24x82 cm in size and at the same time is very lightweight at only 5 kg, much lighter than most of the products available in the market ranging at 6-7 kgs on average. Moreover, the latest easy push technology has made the cart real favorite of thousands of golfers across the globe. One of the greatest advantages of the cart is that it can be carried over any type of terrains with ease and convenience.

Other Friendly Features
Many friendly features add substantially to the attractions of the Longridge Tri Cart and some of them are –

  • Easy push design;
  • Soft handles that make it very convenient pushing the cart;
  • Unique design that greatly reduces the muscle strains while pushing;
  • Eleven inch true-glide ball bearing wheels as well as the strong nylon bag brackets constitute ideal cart for most of the golfers.
  • The cart is ideal for most of the golfers in any type of golfing event.

Basic Advantages
Some of the basic advantages of the cart are that it uses the latest three wheel cart technology that makes it easier to move the cart along smoothly. Leading physiotherapists consider it one of the best healthy carts for carrying on the golf equipments as it puts least amount of stress on the muscles unlike many other models available in the market. Moreover, the adjustable handle heights and soft grips are also ergonomically perfect for the end users. In result the user feels less tired by moving the card around and conserves more energy for gaming activities.

The cart is also affordable and it adds to the already user friendly structure of the device. That is why in the user reviews it has ranked very high and most users also recommend it for others.

Longridge Alulite Trolley

Longridge Alulite Trolley Product rating

Our Review

The quality of the Longridge Alulite Golf Trolley is appreciated by it users, this is an economic golf trolley so does not feature all of the more fancy features of its more expensive rivals, but if you take care to understand some of the design features you should not suffer from any serious problems. Having set up your Longridge Alulite Trolley, take care to check the wide spaced wheels are fully extended correctly to avoid bunching. Wheel removal is really easy for your cleaning purposes, but do take care to make sure they are correctly remounted and the securing clips locked firmly into place for your next round of golf.

Top features include:

  • Wide stable frame
  • Light aluminium construction
  • 12 months warranty
  • Antis play design
  • Golf bag straps
  • Scorecard holder

Thanks to its lightweight construction but good strength this golf trolley should give you years of trouble free service, dismantling and reassembly are fast and straightforward.

Longridge Duo Cart

Longridge Duo Cart Product rating

Our Review

The Longridge Duo Cart is an ideal golf trolley for the occasional golfer and those who are starting out learning to play the sport. Easy storage and light weight are the key characteristics of this golf trolley and its extremely light weight wheels make it a good choice when playing conditions are heavy and the golf course are damp. The storage pouch will take 4 tees, 2 spare balls and there is even room for your pencil, the scorecard holder is well mounted and the clips are strong.

Key features include:

  • Very compact folded form factor
  • Handy scorecard and ball accessory pouch
  • Excellent Trueglide ball bearing wheels
  • Adjustable height bag holding bracket
  • Telescopic adjustable handle height setting
  • Suitable for a wide range of both men and ladies golf bags 

This light weight trolley allows you to compact it down for transport with your golf bag still attached. Giving the added advantage that you can be on the tee and ready for play or even packed up and ready to go in next to no time!

Longridge Deluxe Steel Trolley

Longridge Deluxe Steel Trolley Product rating

Our Review

The Young Gun PRO Junior Trolley is suitable for players between the ages of three and twelve and has unique handle with adjustable height. The wide wheelbase offers extra stability, and once the trolley is folded down, it could be stored easily in a golf locker or a small car boot. The product comes with a full 12-month warranty.

Most of the golf trolleys are built with the senior and grown up golfers in view whether men or women. However, there is another clan of golfers and it is growing fast; the clan of junior golfers. Many youngsters are now taking to game of golf due to various reasons, the enhancement of prize money in various tournaments no less important among them. Like the seniors, the junior golfers, both male and female, also require trolleys to move along during the progress of the golf game on course but until recently not many products were available in the market. Manufacturers taking the cue from the growing number of junior golfers all over the world have been coming up with some innovative designs and one of them is the Longridge Deluxe Steel Trolley young pro junior that is specifically meant for junior golfers.

Junior Age Specifications
But what does the junior golfer for the Longridge Deluxe Steel Trolley Young pro junior manufacturers mean? It is not the teenagers or those in their early twenties. It is also not the first timers who are considered juniors by experience. The trolley is meant for golfers who can be really termed as junior due to their tender ages. Age limits of the golfers in this category ranges from 3 through 12 and in true sense the trolley can be termed as the child golfer’s trolley.

Trolley Features
Main features of the Longridge Deluxe Steel Trolley young pro junior are as follows.

  • The trolley is made for golfers in the age group of 3-12;
  • It has got a unique handle that has adjustable height;
  • Wheelbase is wide and it offers extra stability;
  • Once the trolley is folded down, it becomes highly portable;
  • It is possible to store away the trolley into a golf locker or even in the smallest car boots;
  • The trolley can be conveniently carried outdoor or on overseas tours; and
  • Young Gun Pro Junior trolley comes with a warranty period of 12 months, which is good for the category.

Product Specifications
It would be good for the prospective buyer to have a look at the product specifications of the Longridge Deluxe Steel Trolley young gun pro junior before they decide buying one. Main features of the product are –

  • Unlike many other products in the market it comes with a sturdily built steel frame and such construction gives the product high durability and strength since children are more prone to rough use of devices and can brake or damage them easily;
  • Despite the strong built the trolley is extremely lightweight considering the age group and average strength of the users who are children in the age group of 3 -12 only;
  • Anti Splay technology has been used in manufacturing considering the safety of the children;
  • Like other traditional golf trolleys it also has the scorecard holder and ball and tee holder that serves the purpose quite well; and
  • It has got quick release wheels.

The product can be purchased online and some of the providers offer real consumer friendly terms and great discounts which will be worth try by the prospective buyer.

Longridge Micro Cart Trolley

Our Review

The Longridge Micro Cart Trolley is, as its name implies, small and compact, it will be particularly suitable for younger players and smaller adults, however if you are over 6 feet tall this golf trolley is almost certainly not for you.  When selecting a golf trolley it is really important that you check the design and your preferred transportation method, if you choose a golf trolley that is too small it will practically hang down your back and kick at your legs. Doing good research in advance really does pay to select the right golf trolley.

Top features include:

  • Ultra compact design
  • Strong aluminium construction
  • Quick release wheels
  • Fast assembly disassembly
  • 12 months warranty

Aluminium golf trolleys have a certain tolerance to rough handling and the Longridge Micro Cart is no exception, if you treat it well it will give you years of great service, however this is not a steel frame golf trolley and this should be taken into account. 

Longridge Junior 3 Wheel Trolley

Longridge Junior 3 Wheel Trolley Product rating

Our Review

A perfect solution for younger players, as the Longridge Junior 3 wheel is light compact and can be used by all younger players to provide all their transport needs while completing their round of golf. One of the key advantages of this market leading golf trolleys is that it is very economic but does not compromise on quality and strength. Therefore should if your youngster decides golf is not for him or her you will not have needed to mortgage the house to help them enjoy the game to the full. 

Top features include:

  • Low impact soft grip handle
  • 12 month warranty
  • Fully adjustable bag bracket holder
  • Hi tech integrated ball line up tool
  • Ideal for players in the 3-14 year old age bracket
  • Scorecard holder and accessory pouch for spare tees pencil and extra balls

An ideal choice for youngsters trying out the game for the first time, easy mobility and fine golf course riding characteristics to ensure this is the perfect choice for those future champions who are new to playing golf.

Longridge Twin Frame Trolley

Longridge Twin Frame Trolley Product rating

Our Review

The Longridge Twin Frame is sturdy, yet very light and easy to maneuver. It provides with good handgrip and it comes with swivel beverage holder and weatherproof scorecard holder. Its quick release mechanism allows the golfer to fold it down in one single movement and the high modulus aluminum frame ensures durability, without adding too much to the weight of the trolley.

Some of the requirements of the golfers during the game of golf are having accessories and equipments that are not only sturdy, very light and easy to maneuver. Such equipments give them extra energy for the gaming as they do not spend unnecessary energy towards use of the equipments uses and do not strain their muscles. One such equipment is the Longridge Twin Frame Trolley that combines all the three qualities of strength, light weight, and ease of use.

Among the qualities that make it popular, Longridge Twin Frame Trolley is sturdily built and strong so that the external impacts or environment does not damage it easily. At the same time it is also lightweight and easily portable. It can fit into the golf bags easily and can be carried in small car boots. The device is also useful for overseas tours and travels. But the best part of it is the ease of maneuvering that the device offers to the user. It can be folded and unfolded pretty easily with a single movement. And the lightweight and easy maneuvering facilities have not affected in any way the durability of the trolley which is quite substantial.

Trolley Features

Main features of the Longridge Twin Frame Trolley are –

  • It is simple in design;
  • Easy to maneuver;
  • The trolley is almost featherweight;
  • It is well balanced;
  • Has a unique aluminum wheel arch;
  • The arch ensures that the wheels do not just splay during their use by the user;
  • Handles are adjustable and manufactured with ergonomic considerations;
  • Golfers can easily adjust the height of the handles to their own height;
  • Length of the trolley can be personalized to the golfer’s requirements; and
  • The center of the gravity can be customized as well.

Advantages of Using the Trolley
Major advantages in using the Longridge Twin Frame Trolley can be summed up as follows.

  • It comes with a wide range of features that are user friendly and based on the latest technologies in the market;
  • The grip of the handles are very comfortable and soft giving a soothing feeling to the palms and can also soak all the sweats coming out from it;
  • Scorecard holder is weather protected and does not get damaged due to rainfall or excessive moist environment;
  • A unique feature of the trolley is the swivel beverage holder where the user can store his favorite drinks during the course of the game;
  • Real convenience of the trolley is the quick folding mechanism that helps to fold and unfold it pretty easily and makes the trolley highly portable and fit for all circumstances;
  • The high module lightweight aluminum tube frames are extremely strong despite light weight; and
  • It has easy clips and free running bearing wheels that are very convenient while on the move.

Neither many downsides nor many user reviews have been found about the device. However, from all the characteristics it seems worth trying.

Longridge Golf Deluxe Steel Trolley

Longridge Golf Deluxe Steel Trolley Product rating

• Easily Removable Wheels.
• Easily and Quickly Folds Down in One Smoove Movement.
• Full Reinforced Bag Cradles With Nylon Straps and Snap Lock Buckles Can Adapt to Hold Any Size Golf Bag.
• Deluxe Scorecard Holder, accommodates 2 Balls, 4 Tees & Pencil Holder.
• High Strength Lightweight Steel Frame. Ergonomic Deluxe Full Grip Handle.

Our Review

With light, yet very string steel frame, ergonomic full grip handles, deluxe scorecard holder, which could easily fit four tees, two balls, and a pencil holder, the Longridge Golf Deluxe is an excellent trolley for many golfers. It weighs only 3.5kg, folds down easily, and comes with removable wheels.

Sometimes the concerns of the golfers using a trolley for carrying their golf bags is that they have older golf bags and the new trolleys are not meant for them and only fits in with the newer golf bags to be carried. Helping out in their endeavor, some of the manufacturers have come up with trolleys that are suitable for both old and new golf bags. An example is the Longridge Golf Deluxe Steel Trolley that caters to the requirements of both new and old golf bag holders.

Trolley Features
Some of the features of the Longridge Golf Deluxe Steel Trolley are as follows.

  • Wheels that can be removed quickly;
  • Is easily foldable and can be folded with just one smooth movement;
  • The trolley has full reinforced bag cradles with nylon straps;
  • It can adopt to any golf bag irrespective of the size;
  • Old golf bags can be easily accommodated in the trolley;
  • The frame is high strength though extremely lightweight;
  • It contains deluxe score card holder that can accommodate 4 tees, two balls, and pencil holder; and
  • Has ergonomic deluxe full grip handles.

Light weight yet very strong in features and with ergonomic grip handles, the trolley has passed the test of most of the physicians. The fact that pushing and pulling the trolley does not strain the muscles unnecessarily and the trolley has used the latest push and pull technologies, make the trolley a favorite of the users. The score card holder is another advantage that can carry four tees and two balls at the same time. But the greatest advantage is for the old golf bag holders who can accommodate their golf bags easily in the trolley that may not be possible with many other products in the market. Above all; at 3.5 kg, the trolley is extremely light weight and is highly portable. It can folded in a very compact manner and easily and can be carried in the car boots and can also be taken on the overseas travels conveniently.

Best Features
When it comes to the best features of the trolley, there are quite a few.

  • The sturdy build and strength of the trolley that makes it highly durable;
  • Quick release wheels that helps folding quite smooth;
  • Extreme light weight with few other products in the market comparable in this regard; and
  • Weatherproof make of the score card and tee holders.

Customer Reviews and Downsides

So far the product has ranked fairly well in terms of the customer reviews. Some of the facts about the trolley that customers liked are –
Lightweight and that any golf bag can fit in with it;
Sturdy build and easy assembling and disassembling; and
The fact that old golf bags can fit in the trolley.

A couple of downsides that were pointed out by the customers using the trolley are the wheels that tend to come off while on the move, and the requirements of an additional strap.

Overall a trolley worth using due to affordability, good features, and durability.

Longridge Alu Lite Trolley With Scorecard Holder

Longridge Alu Lite Trolley With Scorecard Holder Product rating

Our Review

The Longridge Alu Lite is an affordable golf trolley, which has strong wide frame, waterproof scorecard, ball, and tee holder, and one-step collapsible design. Its removable wheels allow it to be placed in golf lockers or even a small car boot easily, and the comfortable handles provide an excellent grip.

Trolleys being essential part of golf gear and accessories, most of the golfers whether professional or amateurs, look for good golf trolleys. One of the major concerns for many of them is that besides providing all the facilities, the trolley should be affordable as well. Longridge Alu Lite Trolley with Scorecard holder may be the exact solution these people are looking for.

Main Features
An affordable golf trolley, Longridge Alu Lite Trolley with Scorecard holder also has the following features.

  • Strong and wide frames;
  • Waterproof score cards;
  • Ball and tee holders;
  • One step collapsible design;
  • Removable wheels;
  • Easy portability; and
  • Comfortable handles.

Portability Features
The trolley is highly portable as the wheels can be removed and separated while folding the trolley. In result, trolley can be placed inside golf lockers or small car boots comfortably. Moreover, the handles offer an excellent grip over the trolley which makes movement of the trolley very comfortable and easy for the user.

Other Features
Some other features of the Longridge Alu Lite Trolley with Scorecard holder are as follows.

  • The trolley has wide aluminum frame and they are sturdy in nature and protects the trolley from damages due to external impacts and has good force resistant capabilities;
  • It is lightweight and can be carried conveniently to distant locations and can also be carried on airplane to distant places;
  • A couple of most convenient additions to the trolley are the score card holders and tee holders; and
  • Most of the accessories added are also waterproof and do not get damaged due to moisture.


Made with highly durable and quality materials including aluminum and nylon, the trolley is durable and also good for the regular users. One of the basic advantages of using the trolley is that it is lightweight and therefore can be carried easily to the neighborhood, distant golf locations, and does not attract the restrictions relating to carrying on board in a plane. It can also be fitted into any golf bag so that golfers find it convenient to carry along for reduction of fatigue during the gold course visits. In addition; the anti splay strengthening bars give high levels of maneuverability for the user which most of the golfers find very convenient. Another advantage of the product is that since it is affordable, it is good for both professionals and amateurs and the latter category of people would not face the prospects of spending too much on the golf trolleys. Since due to the collapsible design, the trolley can be converted into convenient size, it is quite good for carrying on an overseas tour.

A few downsides is the smaller size of the trolley and comparatively lower quantum of space for keeping accessories but such small disadvantages are more than counterbalanced with the advantages it offers. The trolley is available for buying online as well on most of the international platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Longridge Universal Junior Steel Trolley

Longridge Universal Junior Steel Trolley Product rating

Our Review

If your child is starting to become interested in the game of golf then you will need to get the golf clubs and a golf trolley to transport them around. The Longridge Universal Junior Steel Trolley is a very simple and budget-conscious option for a golf trolley for your child or youth. The pleasing appearance and strong design makes it durable and long-lasting enough to see your child through to their teens.
Top features include:

  • Adjustable bracket and handle
  • Junior sized trolley
  • Sturdy design
  • Quick releasable wheels

The Longridge Universal Junior Steel Trolley is ideal for a child’s first push trolley for their golf clubs. It has quick release wheels, which makes it easy to store away. The handle adjusts to suit all ages of children and youths, which makes it superb as they grow. The bag holding bracket adjusts too. The frame is lightweight yet strong and is durable enough to be able to cater for all golf clubs. All in all the Longridge Universal Junior Steel Trolley is an excellent starter junior golf trolley that won’t break the budget.

Longridge 3 Wheel Duo Cart Cruiser - Silver

Longridge 3 Wheel Duo Cart Cruiser - Silver Product rating

• Footbrake
• Suitable for mens & Ladies golf bags
• True glide ball bearing wheels
• Adjustable bag bracket height
• Compact when folded
• Score card holder & ball tray
• Adjustable telescope handle height
• Twin frame high grade aluminium construction

Our Review

This pull golf trolley weighs only 6kg and has dimensions of 26 x 35 x 83 cm, which makes it very easy to transport or store even in a golf locker. It comes with a telescope handle with adjustable height, scorecard holder, and glide ball bearing wheels. It has an easy to reach footbrake that can keep it stationary and could carry ladies and gents’ gold bags. The Longridge has an aluminum frame, which is durable yet lightweight.

Numerous golf carts and trolleys are there but only a few can match bags of golfers of both genders. Yet at time it is a necessity especially in events where both types of golfers participate together. One of the products that cater to such requirements of the golfers is the Longridge 3 wheel duo cart cruiser which fits into the slot perfectly.


One of the strongest trolley carts, the duo cart cruiser is made of aluminum and is a folding device as well. It can be folded down to a very compact as well as manageable size for carrying and storing golf articles and accessories. Some of the user friendly features are the adjustable handle heights, scorecard holder, ball retaining pouch and the adjustable bag bracket heights. One of the best things about this cart is that it is suitable for both men and women. Easy to push, the three wheeler cart does not strain the muscles in the body of the user and keeps energy levels strong for the gaming events.

Trolley Features
Some of the main features of the Longridge 3 wheel duo cart cruiser trolley are as follows.

  • Built very strongly with aluminum frame;
  • It is a folding product that is compact;
  • Manageable size makes it easier to carry the cart in either male or female golfer’s bags;
  • Adjustable handles, bag bracket, score card holder, and ball retaining pouch makes use very convenient;
  • Three wheels and use of easy push technology makes it convenient to push the trolley along;
  • Pushing becomes easier with true glide ball bearing wheels;
  • It takes very little space when folded and so is highly portable;
  • Can be carried anywhere inside bags or car boots and are suitable for overseas travels as well;
  • It has adjustable telescope handle heights; and
  • Contains twin frame construction with high grade aluminum.

Other Good Features

  • Apart from the above there are also some other good features of the Longridge 3 wheel duo cart cruiser trolley.
  • At 6 kg weight it is lightweight in comparison to many others. Though other lighter variations are available the weight is not much and gives the device good portability;
  • Easy transportation is facilitated by its size of 26x35x83 cm and the size can be further compacted in two fold design.
  • The footbrake is easy to reach that can keep the cart stationery at the time of needs;
  • It can carry as well can be adjusted with the ladies and gents golf bags; and
  • Despite being lightweight it is quite durable.

Not much yet is known about the downsides of the trolley since there are not much of the feedbacks in view. However, it seems that the only setback for the buyers is that the trolley comes bit expensive in comparison to some others in the market. And the other one is that some of the models in the market are lighter than this model.

Overall, the device seems to be OK for the average buyers.

Longridge Micro Cart Trolley

Longridge Micro Cart Trolley Product rating

Our Review

The Longridge Micro Cart trolley is very compact, made of aluminum and nylon components, and comes with adjustable handles and quick release mechanism. It is also fitted with a holder for scorecards, balls, and tees and when folded will fit easily even in a small car boot.

Manufacturers of this trolley claim that for golfers across the globe the Longridge Micro Cart Golf Trolley is one of the most compact as well as sturdy golf trolleys. However, on many counts the product has failed to live up to such claims.
Let us have a look at the plus and minus points of the particular product.

Trolley Features
Some of the main features of the Longridge Micro Cart Golf Trolley are as follows.

  • The trolley is sturdily built and it is also one of the most compact golf trolleys around;
  • It is also designed to reduce the space that is required for storing articles and accessories;
  • It is constructed with high quality as well as light weight aluminum and nylon;
  • In addition; the trolley also has some steel components included in it;
  • Build of the trolley is based on folding mechanism;
  • Compact size helps portability and it can be carried along in small car boots and also on overseas travels in planes and others;
  • The claim of manufacturers about its long durability has come under scanner after some adverse feedbacks from the customers; and
  • It also helps a long durability due to the twin bar arms as well as the anti splay technologies used in the manufacturing.

Unique Features
Unlike many other rivals in the market the Longridge Micro Cart Golf Trolley is made to provide space for all the requirements of the user. In result the user will be able to carry more numbers of articles and items in the trolley than usual which may come up very handy in course of the game of golf. To make the trolley more sturdy and durable the manufacturers have used steel components in addition to the traditional aluminum as well.

Things to Learn About the Product

  • Construction of the trolley is ultra compact in nature.
  • It has got quick release wheels which make folding convenient.
  • Adjustable handles can help best use of the trolley.
  • Product dimensions are 25x25x60cm and the weight is very light at only 3.3 kg without the box while the boxed weight is 3.5 kg.


However, despite all the publicities and claims made by the manufacturers and retailers, there are some downsides of these products as well. The most disheartening fact about the product is the unfavorable feedbacks received from the customers. The product has received only 1.7 marks out of 5 on the Amazon review site because of unfavorable reviews by buyers.

Major Disadvantages
Some of the major disadvantages of buying this product as have been revealed from the customer reviews are as follows.

  • It is not as durable as it is claimed to be;
  • Some buyers found the normal two fold trolleys bought from the local market better in comparison;
  • It is not suitable for tall persons as it is too short;
  • It can better suit the women and junior golfers;
  • Combination of aluminum with steel has made it weaker instead of being stronger; and
  • The guarantee period is not adequate either.

Many buyers thought the two great advantages of the trolley, small size and extreme lightweight, were neutralized due to all these disadvantages.

Longridge Universal Junior Golf Steel Trolley

Longridge Universal Junior Golf Steel Trolley Product rating

Our Review

This is an extremely affordable trolley, which is very easy to fold and stands vertically when folded, and that makes it easy to store and transport. It can carry junior golf bags and has quick release wheels.

Golfers do not mean men golfers alone, but there are other golfers that include women as well as junior golfers. Naturally, the requirements of such golfers will vary from the men golfers. Also at times the requirements of amateur golfers will vary from their professional counterparts. Catering to such requirements of different types of golfers, the manufacturers come up with special items that include trolleys. For instance; the one of the befitting items for junior golfers is the Longridge Universal Junior Golf Steel Trolley that is supposed to cater to the specific requirements of junior golfers.

Trolley Features
Some of the features of the Longridge Universal Junior Golf Steel Trolley are as follows.

  • This is one of the most affordable golf trolleys around;
  • It is very easy to fold and unfold the trolley;
  • The trolley stands vertically when folded which makes it very convenient to store it away;
  • Such folding capabilities also gives the trolley great portability as it can be carried in the small car boots as well as in overseas tours and travels in planes; and
  • It can be carried even in the junior golf bags as it has quick release wheels and other folding characteristics so that after being folded it occupies very little space.

Buying Online
These are days of internet and World Wide Web and most of the transactions are carried online by the buyers and sellers. Conforming to the current tradition in the market the manufacturers and providers of the Longridge Universal Junior Golf Steel Trolley has also arranged for its transactions online. The user can simply log on to the provider’s website or to some international transaction platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay or others and have a deal according to their requirements and budget. However, it would be necessary going through the terms and conditions of the provider before getting into deals with one so that the chances of walking into a scam are avoided.

Pros and Cons
Some of the advantages of using the Longridge Universal Junior Golf Steel Trolley are that –

  • They are suitable for and have been manufactured with a view to provide facilities for the junior golfers who may not feel comfortable with the senior golfers equipments and accessories including the trolleys;
  • The trolleys are small, compact and short height that makes it convenient for the junior golfers to carry it around or move it in the golf course; and
  • It is available in the highway stores as well as online and the buyer can conclude the transactions from the cool comforts of his or her home.

Cons of the Longridge Universal Junior Golf Steel Trolley are –

  • It has not yet been able to catch the imagination of the buyers in the market;
  • There is not much feedback from the users and others and whatever feedback is available that puts the trolley in the “average” category which is not very encouraging for the buyers; and
  • The question of durability has not been properly addressed by the provider in the information offered.

One good thing is that price is not likely to fluctuate till the end of the year 2012.

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