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Our Review

The Bullet Deluxe 5000 3 Wheel Golf Trolley has been professionally designed and manufactured to the highest standard, no attention to detail has been spared. The Bullet 5000 resonates strength and sturdiness, the folding mechanism is smooth and when folded the trolley locks down tight. On the golf course the trolley is highly manoeuvrable   and it is easy to push or pull up and down inclines without loosing control or loosing the golf bag. Assembly is extremely quick and easy as it takes not much more than 10 minutes from arrival in its flat pack state to be set up and ready for use.  

Key features include:

  • Easy fold system compact form factor for storage or transport
  • Strong but lightweight aluminium frame
  • Soft grip push pull butterfly handle with integrated scorecard holder, magnetic sealed compartment  for tees, balls and pencils
  • Compatible with  wide range of golf bags
  • Additional umbrella mounting holder available as an add on

The Bullet Deluxe 5000 provides a complete set of facilities for the golfer, not only can golf balls, tees and scorecard be carried conveniently,  but it will also carry your drinks too, so there should be nothing missing to allow you to enjoy your round of golf.



Our Review

Designed in the Netherlands the Bullet Lightweight 2 Wheel Trolley is an ideal choice for those golfers looking for a strong lightweight trolley that fold down to the smallest dimensions.  The tough aluminium design should ensure many years of enjoyable use. The trolley also comes with storage for 2 balls and 3 tees together with a convenient scorecard holder. In its folded format it will fit into even the tightest spaces for storage or transport without the need to remove the wheels.

Key features include:

  • Storage for golf balls and spare tees
  • Strong aluminium frame light yet robust
  • Quick folding hinge for convenient 3 fold compression
  • One of the most ultra compact golf trolleys available on the market

If storage space is your key concern, yet you are looking for a strong golf trolley for use on the course you cannot go wrong with this model. The price performance is unmatched and many years of satisfactory use are assured.



Our Review

The Bullet Master Deluxe golf trolley folds down to 38cm x 89cm x 51cm in dimensions and weighs only 5kg, which makes it easy to use for any golfer. It is also one of the most affordable push trolleys on the market, and comes with ergonomic butterfly handle, adjustable scorecard holder, and adjustable upper bag support, which allows bag of any size to be fitted. The height and angle adjustable handle, the easy to reach foot break, and the quick release, 3’’ wide wheels add to the versatility of this product.


One of the main attractions of the golf game resides in the possibility to enjoy the amazing and relaxing outdoor surroundings. Therefore, the vast majority of golf players will always prefer walking on the golf course they are playing rather than just driving around. However, the truth is that the golfing experience cannot be truly enjoyed by players who need to carry the golf bag on their back all the time, especially if they are playing on an 18-hole course. Not only does carrying the golf bag reduce the quality of this great game, but it can also affect the performance of the player. In short, wearing a heavy bag is quite exhausting and can put a strain on the shoulders and hands.

The best way to combat this disadvantage would be to invest in a golf trolley. However, it is important to note that not any trolley can help you effectively surpass this inconvenience. By doing some reading of the reviews posted on reputable golf accessories websites, you will soon realize the superiority and numerous benefits offered by the 3 wheel golf trolleys. Greenpiste Sports, one of the leaders in golf equipments and accessories, has one of the best offers in the name of the Bullet 3 Wheel Golf Trolley, Master Deluxe edition. The major advantages offered by this Bullet trolley can be resumed in incredible stability on all types of golf terrains, a highly comfortable pushcart system and an easily accessible foot brake that allows you to place the golf bag where you see fit. Following is a list of the features of this product.

Features of Bullet Tri Master Deluxe Trolley

  • Compact design (38cm x 89cm x 51cm)
  • Weights 5 kg
  • Available in a sleek and elegant black colour
  • Incorporates a lightweight aluminium frame
  • Friendly foot brake that enables stabilizing the trolley in a stationary position with ease
  • Foldable 3rd wheel with locking system that simplifies transportation
  • Adjustable and versatile scorecard holder that can hold the golf balls, pencils and other small items needed on the course
  • Flexible handle with 4 way angles
  • Adaptable bag support that can accommodate any golf bag size
  • The upper bag supports includes a click buckle and nylon straps for enhanced security
  • Ergonomic push/pull butterfly handle
  • Golfers can ask for a supplementary umbrella pocket on the trolley


The reputation of this 3 wheel golf trolley deems it as a really worthwhile investment. One reviewer highly appreciated the well-thought engineering behind the design and was very satisfied with the quality coating applied thoroughly on the entire surface of the device. In addition, the same customer was quite pleased with the usefulness of the trolley during his golf games and happy with the fact that the device was easy to assemble by following the user-friendly instructions.

We really appreciate the features of the trolley, especially due to the comfortable carrying around system. The device can be transported throughout the golf course by pushing it and hence, putting less strain on the arms and back of the player. Another valuable characteristic is the foot brake that permits users to stop wherever they need, regardless if it is on a slope, without the risk of tipping it over or the trolley rolling away. Lastly, this product comes with numerous accessories, including a special umbrella pocket on demand that ensures you will no longer forget or lose any of your golfing or personal items on the course.


The Bullet Tri Master Deluxe from Greenpiste Sports is an excellent device that will allow you to focus on the golf game without hindering with your performance in any way.  Because it includes three wheels, this golf trolley is a great addition to the players who are experiencing back or muscular problems. In fact, due to its easy push system, you can be certain to eliminate strains and tiredness typically associated with carrying the golf bag across the terrain. Moreover, if you need to stop for whatever reason on slope areas of the course, the foot brake will ensure that the trolley and the items inside will remain stable and safe. Lastly, let’s not forget the numerous accessories that come with the trolley and that ensure you will never lose anything on the golf course ever again!

Bullet Easy Fold Deluxe 3 Wheel Golf Trolley

Bullet Easy Fold Deluxe 3 Wheel Golf Trolley Product rating

Our Review

The bullet Easy Fold Deluxe golf trolley could be folded and unfolded by the press of a single button, located on the frame, comes with ergonomic handle, and magnetic storage compartment. The aluminum frame provides excellent stability without adding too much to the total weight of the trolley, while the elastic bag straps could accommodate golf bags of different sizes. Available are also foot break system and storage net; the Bullet Easy Fold Deluxe weighs 6.8kg and measures 41cm x 39cm x 77cm in dimensions when folded.

One of the problems that most users of trolleys of any type face is the portability issue. An otherwise fine trolley that serves multiple purposes becomes a problem when it comes to carrying them to some other places and especially in overseas travels.

Problem Solver

Catering to such problems of the end users the bullet easy fold deluxe golf trolley has arrived with the features of high portability as they can be folded or unfolded pretty conveniently. Just push of a single button can do the trick and the button is located at convenient location too.

Bullet Easy Features

Major features of the bullet easy fold deluxe golf trolley are as follows.

  • They can easily be folded and unfolded;
  • Pressing a single button does the trick;
  • The button is located on the frame;
  • It comes with ergonomic handle;
  • There is also the magnetic storage compartment;
  • Excellently stable aluminum frame is lightweight;
  • Elastic bag traps can accommodate golf bags of different sizes;
  • Foot break system is available with the trolley; and
  • It weights 6.8 kg on average and the size is 41x39x77 cm when folded.

Bullet Easy Advantages
For the end user the bullet easy fold deluxe golf trolley offers some major advantages. It has everything that the user might be looking for and is very convenient to handle. Being lightweight it is also easily portable while the aluminum frame is sufficiently strong to withstand external pressures. Some of the advantages that are not normally found in most products are –

  • Pencil holder that helps keep pen or pencil along side;
  • Ergonomic padded handle that is good for health of the user;
  • Deluxe console incorporating scorecard;
  • Very large storage compartment for storing accessories and personal items;
  • A drinks holder;
  • Ball alignment tools;
  • Space for balls and fees; and
  • Free umbrella holder that would click away under the handle console while it is not in use.

Other Features and Downsides

Like any other major products in the market this popular product has a few downsides as well. For instance; the providers do not deliver at all points on order but have pre-determined delivery destinations where the buyer can get delivery of the bullet easy fold deluxe golf trolley ordered by them. This however, is negotiable, and is a comparatively small disadvantage compared to the major advantages offered by the device.

No Adverse Feedback

One of the good things about the product is that the product has not earned any adverse feedbacks from the customers. Almost all the reviews made by the buyers give positive feedbacks. Many buyers have liked the features like the followings in the device.

  • Height adjustable handle in the range of 95cm to 113cm;
  • Adjustable elastic straps that can accommodate any size golf bags;
  • Foot break for sudden halts and quick release 10” wheels.

Carrying weighty items in a trolley is convenient and the convenience is further enhanced by the bullet easy fold deluxe golf trolley with all its user friendly features.

Bullet Compact Lightweight 3 Wheel Golf Trolley

Bullet Compact Lightweight 3 Wheel Golf Trolley Product rating

Our Review

This ultra-compact golf trolley comes with quick release hinge, folds down to 34cm x 71cm x 32cm, and its frame is made from aluminum. It also has deluxe full-grip handle, and a scorecard that could fit three tees, two ball markers and pencil holder, or three balls. The strong bag has strap lock buckles and nylon straps, which allows it to hold a golf bag of any size. The removable quick release wheels, the adjustable handle, and the strong support rods make this product ideal for most golfers.


Any golfing enthusiast knows that mastering this game implies more than just sheer skills, techniques, comprehending the playfield and outwitting your opponents. In fact, the equipment used in golf plays an equally important role in winning. Granted the clubs and drivers may be your number one asset, selecting the best trolley provides numerous advantages as well. That is exactly where the Bullet Lightweight 3 Wheel Golf Trolley comes into play. The versatile, resilient and overall well designed trolley guarantees the golfer will always be prepared, rain or shine.

Furthermore, given that golf is a game as well as an opportunity for social gatherings, making a good impression on your potential business partners during the game could very well mean finally signing that contract you have been waiting for. Well, the elegant design of the Compact Lightweight trolley will help you do just that. The sleek and refined aluminium frame of this black trolley confers the owner an unparalleled aura of style and sophistication. Combined with good sportsmanship, the trolley can be your passport to the big golfers’ league.  

Features of Bullet Lightweight Golf Trolley

  • The aluminium-based structure of the trolley’s frame is painted black
  • The materials in the construction account for its light weight (its approximate weight is around 750g)
  • The trolley’s internal dimensions are 125cm x 30cm x 30 cm
  • The handles of these models has been padded and are constructed in an ergonomic manner, for both pushing and pulling
  • The holder for the scorecard can be adjusted at an angle in order to avoid splashing
  • Although compact and light this golf trolley can hold pencils, golf balls and tees
  • It can accommodate golf bags with various dimensions using the nylon strap based support band fitted with a buckle
  • The shoulder strap of this model is removable
  • The Bullet Lightweight is foldable and permits easy storage and transportation (becomes very compact)
  • Keeping it stable is very easy thanks to the break (foot)
  • Each will is fitted with ball bearings and measures 3 inches
  • Thoroughly applied powder coating for extra material resilience


The first aspect that customers notice regarding the Bullet compact golf trolley is the excellent craftsmanship of the device. All the components and their entirety comprise a good looking trolley with excellent functionality. Moreover, it seems that the manufacturers have taken into account that certain golf bags do not come with additional pockets in which the players can store their personal items, such as keys or wallets for instance. Therefore, Greenpiste Sports decided to include several adjustable holders precisely for this purpose.

Since the angle of this pocket can be modified in accordance to the bag, it will help golfers avoid unpleasant situations such as the business cards getting wet on rainy days. This review would also like to draw your attention to the padded handled, which allows the player to relocate the trolley without fear of slipping or his hand getting tired. After all, you need to save your strength for the swing!

The adjustability of this Bullet golf trolley is also impressive. Not all golf bags have the same size and many fervent golfers have several ones in their closet for particular occasions. Therefore, the manufacturers of this trolley have taken this aspect into account as well: the design that enables height adjustments will be able to accommodate bags of various dimensions without any problem at all. In addition, let’s not forget that when the foot break of the trolley is on, the device is incredibly stable. All in all, there is simply nothing bad you can say about this incredibly ergonomic golf trolley!


The golfing trolley reviewed here constitutes an excellent purchase for both passionate and experienced golfers and players who are getting their first taste of the game. Equipped for any meteorological condition or environment as well as packing a resilient and elegant frame, this particular compact and lightweight model is definitely the right device to carry your golf clubs and other accessories. Another great thing about this adaptable and small model is that it is quite affordable. In essence, even though it includes a whole bunch of useful features, the price it can be found is usually less than £30!

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