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[06/03/2011] Electric Golf Trolleys

The electric golf trolleys are nothing new on the golf courses, but the top manufacturers come up with new models and designs each year, which makes them more affordable and useful. They come in different shapes and sizes, but all of them are built with one main goal in mind – to help the golfer carry around his or her bags easily. All of them are powered by batteries, which also come in different strength and while almost all of them are powerful enough to cover an 18-hole course, some batteries would have no problem with 27 or even 36-hole course either. The electric golf trolleys usually have four wheels and are built of aluminum for extra stability and minimal weight; of course, steel and even titanium frames are also used and particularly valuable for golfers that play on courses with challenging terrains.

Many of these electric caddies also have holders for scorecards, golf balls, tees, and pencil, while some also come with drink and umbrella holders. The more advanced and top of the range models even have remote controls, which allow the golfer to operate the trolleys from a distance. Forward, reverse, left, and right modes on a pocket size remote control are often available, while some of controls even have buttons that could increase or decrease the speed of the trolley.

Are the electric golf trolleys better than the pull/push ones?

They are definitely far more convenient and ideal for men and women, who fear back injuries. Quite often, they are more stable too, which prevents the golf bags from shifting over to one side, and often are heavier and sturdier than the push or pull trolleys. Many of them are also surprisingly compact and have a design, which allows the trolley to be folded down in one or two easy steps, and then easily stored away or transported. The battery needs to be recharged after every single course and should be charged fully before the trolley is taken to a new course, but overall, maintaining an electric trolley is a very simple and easy task.

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