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[06/03/2011] Choosing the best golf trolley

If you play golf once or twice per week, you will quickly discover that carrying around your sticks, bottle of water, golf balls, tees, and even small personal items such as car keys, would quickly drain all your energy. You will also quickly find out that most of your fellow golfers use a golf trolley or cart, which carries their golf bags, and buying one for yourself is actually a good idea. However, what golf trolley should you buy?  

Before spending a lot of money on the latest and flashiest golf trolley, you should take your own needs into account. If you play golf only once every few months, then you might not need to purchase a trolley at all; on the other hand, if you are on the course a few times per week, then buying a trolley is simply inevitable. There are two main types of trolleys: electric and manual, and while the former are far more convenient, the latter are more affordable and often lighter and easier to maintain. The manual trolleys are pull only (they have only two wheels) or pull/push models with three or four wheels. While the pull models are small and compact, they are often less stable and carrying your bag could prove quite challenging since the bag often leans over to one side. The three- and four-wheel trolleys are stable and often could take a bag of any size; almost all of them could be folded down to a very compact size, which makes them easy to fit in a golf locker or a car boot.

The electric golf trolleys come in many shapes and models and could cost up to a few hundred pounds. They have quite a few additional options, could come with stronger batteries for longer courses or difficult terrains, and are more luxurious than the pull/push trolleys. It is generally believed that the electric trolleys are perfect for men and women with back problems since they carry the entire load on their own. There are quite a few manufacturers, who sell solid electric trolleys – in order to choose the best one, simply decide on the amount of money that you wish to spend, read a number of reviews, and ask fellow golfers for recommendations. Many of the top of the range trolleys come with years of warranty on the trolley itself and the battery, and are shipped with great many useful accessories.

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