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[06/03/2011] What Makes Golf Trolleys So Good

Playing golf is an excellent way to spend some quality time outdoors and have a great fun, but carrying your sticks, golf balls, tees, and a bottle of water could be tiresome even on an 18-hole course. This is the main reason so many golfers purchase carts or trolleys, which helps them carry all this load around easily, even on the steep courses. The golf trolleys are manufactured in many different sizes and shapes and while some are perfect for the junior golfers, others cost as much as a second-hand car and are suitable only for the real pros. Push or pull trolleys are often perfect for the amateurs, who wish to purchase a trolley without investing a large amount of money. This is an excellent option in many cases and there are carts, which are lightweight, sturdy, and compact enough to fit in the smallest of storage space. They also come in many variations, could carry bags of different sizes, and have two, three, or four wheels. Some of them have excellent and unique design with low center of gravity for maximum stability and rigid frames for durability.

However, if you are serious about golfing and play often, then purchasing an electric trolley is almost a must – they will help you avoid any muscle strain or back pain, and are capable of carrying bags of any size easily. Most of them have simple to use control panels, with various speed options, and could carry not only your sticks, but also a bottle of water, golf balls, tees, pencils, and other small items. Many have an umbrella holder too, which could come in handy on a rainy day. The electric trolleys are powered by a motor, which requires a battery and while some of the batteries are good enough for an 18-hole course only, others could cover a 36-hole one easily. Purchasing a good electric trolley is an investment, which pays off easily since all you have to worry during the game is perfecting your swing!

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