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[06/03/2011] Take Advantage of Golf Trolleys

If you are a passionate golfer, it is very likely that eventually, you would have to purchase a golf trolley. Choosing a manual, push or pull one would help you carry your sticks, balls, and tees easily, but the electric ones are the trolleys, which most professionals use. They are small, maneuverable, easy to steer, and could cover almost any type or terrain effortlessly. Carrying a bag full of sticks on a 15-degree hill could drain your strength, while a good electric golf cart would see such a hill as no challenge at all.

With so many models on the market, your choice is almost unlimited and you are likely to find what you need easily. Some of the electric trolleys are affordable and ideal for the junior golfer or the beginner, while others are pricier, but far more stable and durable. The top of the range ones could carry more than 25kg weight and fit almost any size bag; they often come with various enhancements too, and have more powerful batteries, which allow them to be used on longer courses. The vast majority of them are easy to assemble, and are shipped with good manuals, toolkits, and a number of useful accessories. With the use of newer and better technologies, the trolleys are also getting lighter, more compact, and more affordable.

The electric golf trolleys have quite a few advantages over the manual ones and even though they are more expensive, they are far more stable, relatively easy to maintain, and could be used by golfers of almost any age. Some of them also come with a small remote control, which allows the golfer to steer them from a distance. They could also have various control options, which let the user change the trolley’s speed and direction easily, or set the golf trolley traveling on its own for a pre-selected distance, and all of them are supplied with a brake that keeps them still while the golfer is taking his or her shot. The electric golf trolleys are also quite easy to maintain and about the only care that they need is charging the battery regularly.

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