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[06/03/2011] How to choose a golf trolley

If you are serious about golfing, you need to purchase not only excellent golf sticks, but quite a few other accessories as well. In addition, you will quickly discover that carrying your sticks, balls, tees, and even small personal items at all times could be quite inconvenient and tiresome, and could easily wear you down. This is why any serious golfer needs a golf trolley! The golf trolleys come in two main versions – manual push/pull trolleys and electric ones, where the latter are powered by a motor and excellent for players, who want to avoid muscle strains and back injury.

In order to choose the right electric trolley you need to take a few factors in consideration:

The size of the trolley
– if you own a large truck, then you should not have a  problem transporting your trolley to and from the course, but if you drive a small city car, then you need an electric golf trolley, which folds down easily and takes very little space when collapsed.

Load capacity – before making a purchase, read the specifications carefully. The bigger electric trolley could carry easily even the largest bags, while the ones with less powerful motors are more appropriate for bags that weigh up to 10 or 15kg.

The battery strength – some of the trolleys come with batteries, which are powerful enough to cover an 18-hole course, but will let you down on a 27- or 36-hole one.

The trolley’s weight – if you are purchasing an electric trolley, then its weight is of less relevance, but in the case of manual push/pull trolleys, you need to consider it. Pulling a heavy trolley along with your bag of sticks on a challenging terrain could be just as tiresome as carrying them!

The quality – great many manufacturers have trolley that cost from less than thirty pounds to a few hundred pounds and often, choosing the right model is not as easy as you might think. Take the time to read a number of reviews, check out carefully the product’s specifications and features, and speak to fellow golfers as well. Although price certainly matters, you should always invest in a high quality trolley if you want it to work for you for a long time!

Consider the golf trolley’s functionality
– no two trolleys are alike and some are far better suited to match your needs than others are. Take into account the type and number of wheels, the frame, the control options, the maneuverability, and the ease of steering. Some of these electric caddies perform very well and could easily climb even steep hills, while others are less powerful or could need higher maintenance.

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