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[06/03/2011] Why choose an electric golf trolley?

Playing golf could be an excellent pastime and even though the game could be challenging at times, the more you play the better your shots get. However, in order to do your best every single time you would not only need great skills, but all your energy as well. This is the main reason all serious golfers do not carry their bag of sticks, but use golf trolleys, and while the pull or push trolleys are ideal for beginners, the electric trolleys are what sets the pros apart. They are perfectly capable of carrying your bag of sticks, golf balls, tees, and a number of personal items such as cell phone and car keys. Using them would also let you concentrate on the game only and do your best every single time.

What are the advantages of the electric golf trolleys?

Most of them are far more stable than the pull or push trolleys as they have sturdier frames, lower center of gravity, and almost all of them have four wheels for extra stability. The top of the shelve models could also carry far heavier bags and easily cover any terrain, and come with various additional features that make the life of the golfer easier. Even though they are heavier than the manual carts, most of them fold down in one or two easy steps, could fit in almost any car trunk, and are surprisingly light. When choosing an electric trolley, you need to consider its weight, dimensions, climbing capacity, load capacity, and battery power. Choosing a model with good wheels and sturdy frame is also highly recommended, and if the trolley comes with additional features such as remote control operation, this is a plus as well. A good trolley would also have a comfortable handles with adjustable height, which ensures that it could be used by different height players. Make sure to read the product’s specifications before making a purchase, learn what you would have to do in order to maintain the trolley, and purchase one, which comes with a guarantee. The price also matters, but the variety of the electric trolleys is quite impressive and you should not have a problem finding a reasonably priced one that comes with all the features that you need!


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