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[06/03/2011] Golfing in East Anglia

Now that you have purchased a brand new golf trolley and have perfected your swing, it is time to look for a magnificent golf course, and you could easily find more than one great course in East Anglia.

The Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire is one of the best inland courses and amongst the top 50 in the World. The course has everything that a golfer could dream of – beautiful surroundings, excellent golfing conditions, and a panoramic view that would leave you breathless!

The Cambridge is one of the best-known golf courses, which was established back in 1901. This excellent 18-hole course, which is located seven miles north-west from the Cambridge city centre, is unrestricted and as long as you pre-book, you would find yourself having the time of your life.

The Cromer, Norfolk is well maintained, offers a beautiful sea view, and you would be more than excited to be pulling your golf trolley on this stunning golf course. The 18-hole course was redesigned in 1891 by Tom Morris, and then improved by James Braid, JH Taylor, and finally by Frank Pennick, and has an on-site golf shop, which offers anything that a golfer might need.

The 18-hole Heath Course in Woodbridge, Suffolk is excellent for any pro and serious golfer, while the 9-hole Forest is suitable for beginners or golfers looking for a shorter course. The conditions are ideal, the club has a 120-year history and the course is situated in one of the most beautiful surroundings that you could wish for; a variety of memberships are offered by the club and players of all ages are welcomed. This is yet another place, where you could pull your golf trolley all year round and master your swing. The Heath course was designed in 1893 and is well maintained and played ever after a heavy rain, while the Forest course has been opened since 1972 and extended 24 years later.

No matter which golf course you choose to play, you would always want to be well prepared and apart from excellent golf sticks, you would need a good golf trolley as well. They are sold in many varieties and you could purchase a pull or push one for just a few pounds, or a top of the range electric trolley for a few hundred pounds, which would do all the carrying for you.

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