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[06/03/2011] Advantages of using golf trolleys

While the golf trolleys have been around for decades, the latest models are far more advanced that the ones that appeared right after the WW2. Some of the electric golf trolleys come with functions that would amaze even a sports car owner, and are often capable of climbing hills easily and could carry even the heaviest and largest golf bags.

What do consider when purchasing a golf trolley?

The pull/push trolleys are affordable, very compact and light, and easy to transport and store. However, many of them are not so great at carrying large bags and the bags tend to sway or lean over to the one side, which could be quite bothersome. If you decide to purchase or rent a pull trolley, look for one that has sturdy frames, lower center of gravity, and good wheels. Choosing a three- or four-wheel trolley would normally give you better stability, but the two-wheel ones are often easier to pull and maneuver. Rigid base and additional straps that would keep your bag in place are always an indication that you would have fewer problems.

The electric golf trolleys are heavier and require a battery, but they have higher load capacity and come with great many functions that a golfer would enjoy. Equipped with good quality wheels, motors powerful enough to climb hills, and built from lightweight, but sturdy material, they are a must have for any serious golfer. Some of the top models have remote controls, which allow the golfer to set the trolley in motion and steer it from a distance. Often, you would find convenient holders, where you could place scorecards, tees, golf balls, pencil, cell phone, or a bottle of water. The more powerful electric trolleys would work with no problem on 27- or even 36-hole courses, carry up to 25lg bags, and come with speed control as well. All of them have brakes, which ensure that they are perfectly still, while the golfer is taking his or her shot.

There are various trolley models, which meet different needs and some of them are specially created for junior golfers, while others come with a unique design, which makes them easy to fold down and very compact.

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