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Q) What types of golf trolleys exist?
A) There are pull/push and electric golf trolleys, where the latter come with a motor, which is powered by a battery.

Q) How is a golf trolley cleaned and maintained?
A) Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for instructions; in most cases, the trolley could be cleaned by using warm water and mild detergent. Servicing an electric golf trolley at least once a year is highly recommended.

Q) How often should I charge the battery of my electric golf trolley?
A) Charge the battery after every round of golf.

Q) How long should the battery be charged for?
A) Refer to the manual of the golf trolley; in most cases, eight to ten hours are sufficient for the battery to recharge fully.

Q) How long will the battery last once fully charged?
A) Most batteries will last for 18 holes, but stronger ones might be able to last 27 or 36 holes.

Q) Do I need a spare battery for my electric golf cart?
A) If you play longer courses (27 or 36 holes) or you play almost every day, then buying a second battery is highly recommended.

Q) What weight could my trolley support?
A) Again, this depends on the model of your golf trolley.

Q) Do golf trolleys come with a warranty?
A) Most manufacturers sell their golf trolleys with 12, 18, or 24-month warranty.

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