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Stowamatic i-Trac Steel Pull Trolley

Stowamatic i-Trac Steel Pull Trolley Product rating

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The most affordable of the Stowamatic pull trolleys, Stowamatic i-Trac, is compact, easy to maneuver, and sturdy. It has a tough steel frame, space-saving fold down design, and comes with built-in scorecard and ball holders.  The product carries full 12-month warranty as well.

There are numerous types of golf trolleys around and each has its own pros and cons. Some of them are lightweight and handy to carry along but fails on the durability aspect while others are not as light and creates a bit of portability problems but are durable. Some of them combine both the attributes of lightweight and durability both important for the golfer and when affordability is added to that it becomes even more attractive for them. Such combination is what the Stowamatic I Track Steel Pull Trolley claims to offer for the user.

Affordable Trolley
One of the plus points of the Stowamatic I Track Steel Pull Trolley is its affordability. Some of the users pointed out that –

  • It is the affordable nature of the trolley that induced them to buy it;
  • It is also very lightweight and can be easily packed into a small package and can be stowed into a trunk or suitcase;
  • Many buyers are not yet sure about durability issues but think that it would be durable; and
  • The trolley is easy to handle.

Trolley Features

Some of the main features of the Stowamatic I Track Steel Pull Trolley are as follows.

  • It is lightweight yet strongly built;
  • It is affordable being inexpensive in nature;
  • Shipping weight is around two pounds only;
  • The trolley is space saving and efficient;
  • Score card board and ball stowing compartments are included in the features;
  • Handles are made conveniently for easy grabbing; and
  • It can fit into any bag.

Warranty Issues

Another very important aspect of the Stowamatic I Track Steel Pull Trolley is that it comes with full 12 months warranty despite being one of the cheapest in the market. It is also possible to buy the product online as shipping is quite easy due to the small built and extreme light weight features of the trolley. With the warranty coverage, the user will remain free from tensions at least for a full year and can change or return the product during this period subject to fulfillment of the warranty terms and conditions. It is therefore pertinent to take care to view the full warranty terms and conditions before buying one.

Despite being cheap and small built, the product has got good reviews from the user customers. Some of the customers simply loved the affordability aspect while others preferred the light weight and portability supports very well. Many customers found that the trolley was easy to carry in their small car boots to distant locations and it is possible to carry the product in small golf bags as well. Some doubts were raised about the durability of the product but since the product comes with a full year’s guarantee, that resolves the issue adequately.

In the Amazon and few other review rankings the product scored in the range of 4-4.6% out of 5 which is pretty good for any product and more so for such affordable devices.

Bullet Easy Fold Deluxe 3 Wheel Golf Trolley

Bullet Easy Fold Deluxe 3 Wheel Golf Trolley Product rating

Our Review

The bullet Easy Fold Deluxe golf trolley could be folded and unfolded by the press of a single button, located on the frame, comes with ergonomic handle, and magnetic storage compartment. The aluminum frame provides excellent stability without adding too much to the total weight of the trolley, while the elastic bag straps could accommodate golf bags of different sizes. Available are also foot break system and storage net; the Bullet Easy Fold Deluxe weighs 6.8kg and measures 41cm x 39cm x 77cm in dimensions when folded.

One of the problems that most users of trolleys of any type face is the portability issue. An otherwise fine trolley that serves multiple purposes becomes a problem when it comes to carrying them to some other places and especially in overseas travels.

Problem Solver

Catering to such problems of the end users the bullet easy fold deluxe golf trolley has arrived with the features of high portability as they can be folded or unfolded pretty conveniently. Just push of a single button can do the trick and the button is located at convenient location too.

Bullet Easy Features

Major features of the bullet easy fold deluxe golf trolley are as follows.

  • They can easily be folded and unfolded;
  • Pressing a single button does the trick;
  • The button is located on the frame;
  • It comes with ergonomic handle;
  • There is also the magnetic storage compartment;
  • Excellently stable aluminum frame is lightweight;
  • Elastic bag traps can accommodate golf bags of different sizes;
  • Foot break system is available with the trolley; and
  • It weights 6.8 kg on average and the size is 41x39x77 cm when folded.

Bullet Easy Advantages
For the end user the bullet easy fold deluxe golf trolley offers some major advantages. It has everything that the user might be looking for and is very convenient to handle. Being lightweight it is also easily portable while the aluminum frame is sufficiently strong to withstand external pressures. Some of the advantages that are not normally found in most products are –

  • Pencil holder that helps keep pen or pencil along side;
  • Ergonomic padded handle that is good for health of the user;
  • Deluxe console incorporating scorecard;
  • Very large storage compartment for storing accessories and personal items;
  • A drinks holder;
  • Ball alignment tools;
  • Space for balls and fees; and
  • Free umbrella holder that would click away under the handle console while it is not in use.

Other Features and Downsides

Like any other major products in the market this popular product has a few downsides as well. For instance; the providers do not deliver at all points on order but have pre-determined delivery destinations where the buyer can get delivery of the bullet easy fold deluxe golf trolley ordered by them. This however, is negotiable, and is a comparatively small disadvantage compared to the major advantages offered by the device.

No Adverse Feedback

One of the good things about the product is that the product has not earned any adverse feedbacks from the customers. Almost all the reviews made by the buyers give positive feedbacks. Many buyers have liked the features like the followings in the device.

  • Height adjustable handle in the range of 95cm to 113cm;
  • Adjustable elastic straps that can accommodate any size golf bags;
  • Foot break for sudden halts and quick release 10” wheels.

Carrying weighty items in a trolley is convenient and the convenience is further enhanced by the bullet easy fold deluxe golf trolley with all its user friendly features.

Big Max Ti 2000 3 Wheel Trolley - White

Big Max Ti 2000 3 Wheel Trolley - White Product rating

Our Review

The Big Max Ti 2000 3 Wheel Trolley – White is a top of the range and state of the art technologically designed golf trolley. With its super adjustable handle height, golfers of all sizes will have no problem wheeling their clubs throughout the course.
Top features include:

  • Huge 5 year warranty
  • Easy quick folding mechanism with detachable wheel
  • Scorecard holder
  • Fully adjustable brackets for golf bag
  • Variable height handle
  • Brake with on and off control

The Big Max Ti 2000 3 Wheel Trolley – White has taken gold club carrying to the next level. Completely adjustable handle for different heights and adjustable bag holding brackets makes this completely easy to use and secure. The brake adds an added safety design feature. Sturdy and robust with a quick release folding mechanism enables you to erect and stow away in easy movements. The front wheel is detachable too, which makes it more compact so it will fit into the boot of your car. The full 5 year guarantee is a pledge that the Big Max Ti 2000 3 Wheel Trolley – White is a quality item that will require very little maintenance or repair over the years it is with you.

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Kiwi

Clicgear Golf 3.0 Cart Kiwi Product rating

Our Review

The Clicgear 3.0 range has always been distinctive coming in a rainbow of different colours the kiwi coloured Clicgear Golf 3.0 cart is certainly one of the most notable models, but not only is its colour attractive, but it also comes with a number of improved features. The Clicgear 3.0 golf cart has built on the earlier designs of Clicgear trolleys that have won a number of design awards.

Key features include:

  • Weighs in at 9kgs
  • Updated smart action break leaver
  • 12 month warranty
  • Improved push down secure front wheel lock
  • Rapid fold down set up mechanism

A whole host of new user friendly features have been included after extensive research amongst users of their earlier models; the larger console and removable drinks holder are welcome additions. Not only has improved storage been added, but attention to the braking system has lead to a new easy action break leaver.  The handle has had a make over and now comes with an improved dura-grip for effective easy movement.



Our Review

The Bullet Deluxe 5000 3 Wheel Golf Trolley has been professionally designed and manufactured to the highest standard, no attention to detail has been spared. The Bullet 5000 resonates strength and sturdiness, the folding mechanism is smooth and when folded the trolley locks down tight. On the golf course the trolley is highly manoeuvrable   and it is easy to push or pull up and down inclines without loosing control or loosing the golf bag. Assembly is extremely quick and easy as it takes not much more than 10 minutes from arrival in its flat pack state to be set up and ready for use.  

Key features include:

  • Easy fold system compact form factor for storage or transport
  • Strong but lightweight aluminium frame
  • Soft grip push pull butterfly handle with integrated scorecard holder, magnetic sealed compartment  for tees, balls and pencils
  • Compatible with  wide range of golf bags
  • Additional umbrella mounting holder available as an add on

The Bullet Deluxe 5000 provides a complete set of facilities for the golfer, not only can golf balls, tees and scorecard be carried conveniently,  but it will also carry your drinks too, so there should be nothing missing to allow you to enjoy your round of golf.

Stowamatic STOW A WAY Folding Compact Golf Trolley

Stowamatic STOW A WAY Folding Compact Golf Trolley Product rating

Our Review

Smart design and professional production have made the Stowamatic Stow A Way one of the UK’s best selling golf trolleys today; in fact the design has been so successful that this golf trolley has won coveted awards in its category. One of the key design objectives has been to make sure this golf trolley collapses to the smallest possible dimensions this has been achieved completely as it folds to a staggering 24” that should satisfy any golfer with even the most extreme storage space limitations.   But despite folding down to a minimum, it does not mean that this golf trolley lacks additional features; there is a scorecard holder and space for holding 2 balls plus tees and a pencil all on board.

Key features include:

  • Fold away in 24” space
  • Lightweight aluminium frame construction
  • 3 piece folding frame with easy lock mechanism
  • One year guarantee
  • Easy action clip on pop off wheels

If convenience and space saving are your main purchasing criteria, you should look no further than this excellent golf trolley. With correct usage, the Stowamatic Stow A Way will give you years of trouble free service.

Longridge Alulite Trolley

Longridge Alulite Trolley Product rating

Our Review

The quality of the Longridge Alulite Golf Trolley is appreciated by it users, this is an economic golf trolley so does not feature all of the more fancy features of its more expensive rivals, but if you take care to understand some of the design features you should not suffer from any serious problems. Having set up your Longridge Alulite Trolley, take care to check the wide spaced wheels are fully extended correctly to avoid bunching. Wheel removal is really easy for your cleaning purposes, but do take care to make sure they are correctly remounted and the securing clips locked firmly into place for your next round of golf.

Top features include:

  • Wide stable frame
  • Light aluminium construction
  • 12 months warranty
  • Antis play design
  • Golf bag straps
  • Scorecard holder

Thanks to its lightweight construction but good strength this golf trolley should give you years of trouble free service, dismantling and reassembly are fast and straightforward.

Stowamatic Pro Lite Aluminium 3 Wheel Trolley

Stowamatic Pro Lite Aluminium 3 Wheel Trolley Product rating

Our Review

The Stowamatic Pro Lite golf trolley is particularly well liked by its users for a number of reasons, high amongst these is its lightweight aluminium construction that gives it strength but easy manoeuvrability.  Using this golf trolley you might be mistaken into thinking that you actually have a battery powered trolley as the movement I so smooth and effortless. The padded handle is extremely comfortable and easily adjustable to suit the golfer’s height and pulling or pushing requirements.
Key features include:

  • Super light weight aluminium frame
  • 3 wheel design for easy push pull manoeuvrability
  • Highly stable
  • 1 year warranty
  • Compact folded form factor ideal for storage and transportation
  • Scorecard holder with recessed tee pencil and spare ball store underneath

Assembly and folding down take less than a minute, the trolley is compact when folded and will fit into almost all cars easily. It is important to park the trolley carefully on the course when playing as you don’t want it running off down the course when you plan to go in the other direction. 

Longridge Tri Cart

Longridge Tri Cart Product rating

• 2 Stage Easy Fold Design
• 11" True Glide Ball Bearing Wheels
• Durable Nylon Bag Brackets
• Adjustable Handle Height
• Tough Durable Frame
• Weatherproof Scorecard Holder
• Soft Grip Handle
• Easy Push Design, Reduces Muscle Strain

Our Review

The Longridge Tri Cart measures 30 x 24 x 82 cm in dimensions and weighs only 5kg, which coupled with its easy push design and the latest cart wheel technology, makes it very easy to use on almost any terrain. It comes with soft handle with adjustable height and a unique design, which greatly reduces muscle strain. Its tough durable frame provides excellent stability, and the 11’’ true-glide ball bearing wheels and the strong nylon bag brackets make this cart ideal for many golfers. Weatherproof scorecard holder is available as well.

Golfers often look for qualitative, affordable and lightweight trolleys as they are convenient and fares well in terms of the cost-benefit analysis. Catering to such requirements many providers are coming forward with innovative ideas in trolley making. They are also using the latest technologies for manufacturing the trolleys so that their product stands out in the crowd. One such product is the Longridge Tri Cart trolley that boasts of a combination of the three qualities looked for by golfers all over the world.

Main Features
Main features of the Longridge Tri Cart trolley are as follows.

  • It is manufactured using 2 stage easy folding designs;
  • Contains eleven inch time glide ball bearing wheels;
  • Has installed durable nylon bag brackets;
  • Handle height is adjustable according to the requirements of the user;
  • The frame is tough and durable;
  • Scorecard holder is weather proof;
  • Handle grip is soft and gives a soothing feeling; and
  • There will be no muscle strains for the user as it moves through easy push.

Trolley Overview
Due to the two stages easy folding designs the Longridge Tri Cart trolley is highly portable and can be easily carried in the boot of small cars. The cart measures 30x24x82 cm in size and at the same time is very lightweight at only 5 kg, much lighter than most of the products available in the market ranging at 6-7 kgs on average. Moreover, the latest easy push technology has made the cart real favorite of thousands of golfers across the globe. One of the greatest advantages of the cart is that it can be carried over any type of terrains with ease and convenience.

Other Friendly Features
Many friendly features add substantially to the attractions of the Longridge Tri Cart and some of them are –

  • Easy push design;
  • Soft handles that make it very convenient pushing the cart;
  • Unique design that greatly reduces the muscle strains while pushing;
  • Eleven inch true-glide ball bearing wheels as well as the strong nylon bag brackets constitute ideal cart for most of the golfers.
  • The cart is ideal for most of the golfers in any type of golfing event.

Basic Advantages
Some of the basic advantages of the cart are that it uses the latest three wheel cart technology that makes it easier to move the cart along smoothly. Leading physiotherapists consider it one of the best healthy carts for carrying on the golf equipments as it puts least amount of stress on the muscles unlike many other models available in the market. Moreover, the adjustable handle heights and soft grips are also ergonomically perfect for the end users. In result the user feels less tired by moving the card around and conserves more energy for gaming activities.

The cart is also affordable and it adds to the already user friendly structure of the device. That is why in the user reviews it has ranked very high and most users also recommend it for others.

Longridge Duo Cart

Longridge Duo Cart Product rating

Our Review

The Longridge Duo Cart is an ideal golf trolley for the occasional golfer and those who are starting out learning to play the sport. Easy storage and light weight are the key characteristics of this golf trolley and its extremely light weight wheels make it a good choice when playing conditions are heavy and the golf course are damp. The storage pouch will take 4 tees, 2 spare balls and there is even room for your pencil, the scorecard holder is well mounted and the clips are strong.

Key features include:

  • Very compact folded form factor
  • Handy scorecard and ball accessory pouch
  • Excellent Trueglide ball bearing wheels
  • Adjustable height bag holding bracket
  • Telescopic adjustable handle height setting
  • Suitable for a wide range of both men and ladies golf bags 

This light weight trolley allows you to compact it down for transport with your golf bag still attached. Giving the added advantage that you can be on the tee and ready for play or even packed up and ready to go in next to no time!

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